JavaScript Frontend Developer

Your role within our Kingdom
If you want to create amazing user experiences using the latest frontend technologies, then this is the right job for you. You will be part of a highly competent team of developers, not only of high quality and well-tailored. We know that the continued success of King depends on preserving the amazing culture we have, so 'fit' is extremely important. We work in small, collaborative Agile teams where everyone is involved in coming up with great features and ownership of the outcome is key. We are problem solvers, constantly reviewing how and why we learn from each other. We are experimental, trying out new tech and ideas and willing to take risks to drive the entire industry forward. We are sociable and fun, and we like to hang out together. We are passionate, some might even say quirky, and while we love what we do, our lives are about more than work.
Skills to create thrills
Very experienced in HTML5, CSS3, javascript, single page applications and web development in general. Have knowledge of ES6. Focused on usability, maintainability and quality, building for the long term Structured and analytical. A comfortable people person, able to make non-technical users feel at ease UIs to make their lives easier. Knowledgeable about web protocols, application servers and web servers. Striving to be the best in your area of expertise, no compromises. A curious and fast learner Motivated by challenges and new opportunities. Strong unit testing skillsUsed to Unit Test UNIX environments, Git. A team player that likes to discuss solutions and ideas. Fluent in English.
Bonus points
Have experience working with Javascript frameworks ( React, Angular, Vue.js, etc.). Knowledge of ES7 + and TypeScript. Has worked with CSS preprocessors (SASS, LESS, CSS modules). Webpack, NPM scripts. Have played and enjoyed any of our games.

Don't Be Fooled

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