AI & Machine Learning - Internship/Master Thesis

Your role within our Kingdom
AI bot - Master ThesisYou will be a part of our central AI R&D-team working closely with our AI experts and game developers. Your role will be developing an AI-bot that can play Candy Crush Saga, one of the most popular games in history. The AI-bot will use state-of-the-art reinforcement learning techniques to learn and play the game. The main purpose of the bot is to predicting winning probabilities and help with balancing the content to maximize the player experience. King has already implemented AI-bots successfully using convolutional neural networks for content balancing in many of their games and we want to take this approach to the next level. Machine learning for risk assessment of code - Master Thesis or internship for recent graduateYou will work with our Quality Assurance (QA) team in close collaboration with the central AI R&D-team and game developers. Your role will be developing a method for risk assessment of committed code. Based on historical data we will build a machine learning prediction assessing the risk of newly committed code. King has a very good and fast changing history of its code base, from which we can extract valuable knowledge about errors and updates. The research will later mature into a tool which will be used by King's developers in some of the most popular games in history like Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga.These positions might include travel.
Skills to create thrills
is pursuing a degree in computer science or equivalent is comfortable with programming in Python has taken courses in AI and/or machine learning is self-driven with a problem-solving attitude has strong social and communicative skills is proficient in English, both spoken and written has interest in the gaming industry
Bonus points

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