DevOps Tech Lead \u002D Aftonbladet

Are you ready to partner with teams across Schibsted Media organization to build a modern scalable infrastructure? Do you want to be a part of a team where automated technology and process improvements play a crucial role in continuous, iterative development and deployment?
We are looking for a problem solver - passionate about eliminating toil through development and automation - to join the Aftonbladet team. You are a developer at heart, but possess a wide range of skills across networking, sysadmin, configuration management, clustered datastores, cloud services and deployment technologies.
Your responsibilities:
Automate infrastructure deployment in a hybrid Amazon and physical hardware setup, with focus on technologies like Docker, Ansible, Puppet, and Linux.
Deliver an end-to-end solution from initial concept through a finished solution in the area of automated build, deployment, monitoring and server infrastructure.
Code and configure tools as well as assemble and integrate technology across a disparate platform. This includes a deep understanding of systems, data structures, modern scripting and enterprise level languages as well as open source tools that can and should be leveraged to solve problems.
Help our developers to build and ship smart solutions and advice them on best practices in the infrastructure scope.
Improve automated cloud configuration, deployments, monitoring, management and incident response.
Mentor/Coach your nearest colleagues.
Seek opportunities to implement speed and efficiency improvements as technology and capabilities evolve.
Make sure that we get rid of old legacy systems as soon as possible.
You will manage the local infrastructure, and you will be part of an ongoing process of migrating everything to Ansible and Docker. Defining, building and shipping monitoring, metrics and logging for our media products using ELK, Grafana, Prometheus is also part of the role. The team is responsible for DDoS mitigation and edge delivery to end-users.
You will work with Aftonbladet, Sweden's biggest news source, engaging more than 3.5 million people on a daily basis. Aftonbladet's mission is to, with future-proof technology, build Europe's fastest and most engaging news product.
As a member of the Aftonbladet team, you will be part of a high speed, inclusive and fun environment where openness, collaboration, and passion is key. You will work with talented and ambitious people, that bring their experience to make an impact on how journalism is consumed. We are humble and care a lot about our craft, always helping each other to become better at it. We test, we fail and learn. Every day is about getting closer to Aftonbladet's vision: a first-class news product that users love and customers buy.
On-call is part of the role and rotated within the team on weekly basis.
A background check is part of the process for final candidates.

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