UX Copywriter

Our mission is to contribute to a functioning democracy by closing the gap between what citizens know and what they need to know about the world around them. We aim to offer trustworthy news founded on facts and insight in a world where information is becoming increasingly more abundant and untrustworthy.
To achieve this we're aiming at delivering simply the best news destinations there are to our users with a sustainable business model for digital publishers. We are now looking for a UX writer to our Consumer Business team that has the important mission to empower our publishers to establish sustainable business models for user revenue.
What will I do?
As a UX Copywriter your will shape products by creating useful, meaningful and user centric text that will raise the user experience and helps users accomplish their goals. You're also a content strategist, setting the vision and guidelines for content and drive consistent language across platforms and touch points.
You will work with UX designers, researchers, product managers, developers and marketing teams in an agile environment. In your day to day work you will also support research and experiments to increase engagement and conversion rates for user flows and tasks. We consider copy an integral part of the product development process. As a Copywriter you will take part in every step, from product strategy to launch.
Working as part of a larger UX team you will be responsible for creating the language and voice that delight the user experience and create intuitive and useful products.
We constantly measure the quality of our work, and thus offer you the opportunity to hone your craft. User research and engagement measurements will validate your work, and you will share the success and failures of the team with pride. You will be the owner of Copy and a subject matter expert on written content, brand, and voice/tone standards. Your mandate is to establish a connective language and a unified voice across Consumer Business Solutions
You are a team player with a positive attitude, curious, and enjoys challenges - and a person who sees the value of diversity. You are autonomous and take full ownership your work.
You will also:
Own Copywriting, and create all copy and guidelines for all our products, including Privacy, Payment, Profile and Login.
Provide leadership on Copywriting matters.
Advocate the brand and content strategy across departments to ensure a consistent implementation. Partner with other writers within the organization to leverage and share ideas and provide guidelines that apply broadly across these departments.
Ensure that online content delivers on corporate brand standards, web style guide, legal and compliance.
Continuously test and review analytics in different markets to understand user behavior to manage and shape content and messaging strategies.
Evaluate the semantics of new and existing products, and make constructive suggestions for change.
Work with translation agencies to provide localization for multiple languages.

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