Data Design Lead

Data designers are helping lead Fjord into the future of design. Together we're forging a new profession that applies the best of what's gone before in the service of the reinvention, and answers new challenges of artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and behavioral economics. You exist in two worlds simultaneously, the world of empathy and human experiences, and the world data, algorithms, and bleeding edge technology. Join us and help create something new, something better, something that bridges humans and data.
We are looking for a Senior Data Designer to join our data design team. Data Designers create data driven experiences that enable substantive action and meaningful change. You will be responsible for researching the data potential within projects and working with other disciplines to design prototypes and develop solutions that bring these concepts to life.
Working with other design disciplines and engineers to bring a data perspective to client's problems
Drive quantitative human-centric research by exploring and inspecting client, third-party and open data sources
Generate data visualizations and digital prototypes that explore patterns, communicate insights or drive new service experiences across web, mobile, wearable or smart environments
Develop data stories that engage and inform end users, clients and stakeholders
Define and apply metrics within digital services that provide insight into the service performance, drive contextual customization and inform the service evolution
Actively participate in Data+Design activities including developing client workshops, stakeholder interviews, data gathering, and ideation
Produce lean technical specification, API documentation and quality control requirements.
Take an active role in team activities, e.g. design crit sessions and best practice initiatives
Actively contribute to thought leadership and points of view
Participate and contribute to external and internal design and data communities as a Fjordian
5-7 years of in-depth experience in 2 or more of the following areas
Data Science
Data Journalism
Data Visualization Engineering
Information Design
Visual Analytics Consulting
Software instrumentation/ Web Analytics
2+ years of managerial experience
High dexterity in speed and quality with the tools of your trade
Knowledge of and curiosity about data analytics and its opportunities for design
Accustomed to working collaboratively with customers and cross-functional team members.
Understanding of areas of specialization, including but not limited to quantitative research, visualization design, data strategy, personalization, systems engineering; willingness to broaden own skillset into adjacent specializations while refining mastery of primary skillset
Proficient in creating data models, interaction flows, wireframes, online surveys, simple statistical analyses and lean technical specifications
Proficient with rapid prototyping methods, ranging from data sketching to interactive visualization development
Experience working with data scientists and/or software engineers as part of an agile development team
Knowledge of Devops tools and Big Data analytics infrastructure
To apply
Please note: In proceeding you will be redirected to the careers site of Accenture in order to complete your application. Accenture has extended its digital offerings to encompass Fjord's service design expertise. The opportunities this offers in terms of project scope and career development simply makes for an even more exciting and rewarding place to work!

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